Search for sequences with the potential to form H-DNA or Z-DNA
1. Select species and gene to search OR select a sequence file to upload and search.
   Use the popup list to select to search by gene description, gene name (i.e. symbol), or Entrez Gene ID
   and then enter search criterion in the text box. You can use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard if you wish
   to perform a non-exact search on gene name. Gene description searches are always non-exact
   and the criterion is treated as a phrase.
   Search for   
  Alternatively, select a sequence file to upload and search. The sequence file may have a definition line (e.g. FASTA).
  The file must be plain text, though it may be zipped if you like. The search is limited to 3 M bases.
2. Select the types of repeat sequences for which you wish to search and set search parameters.
    Mirror repeats (propensity to form H-DNA)
        Minimum arm length:
        Minimum spacer length:    Maximum spacer length:
        Allow no mismatches   one mismatch if arms are ≥  bases long
        Minimum %G in arms:
        Omit mirror repeats where:
                  The arms are simple repeats of A with or without a G at the extremities
                  The entire mirror repeat sequence is a simple GA repeat
    Alternating purine/pyrimidine repeats (propensity to form Z-DNA)
        Minimum score:
3. Set the size of the putative promoter sequence to be searched. (This option is not applicable to uploaded files.)
   Putative promoter region length: bases